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MSI G41M-P26 VGA Driver

Written by Andy Schwartz   
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SourceATI Radeon
Last update08.10.2015

The medium neutral and deep sand are both orang. PC3200 256M PC-400 Pass A2S56D30ATP3229laor 512M PC-400 Pass SAMSUNG K4H280838B-TCB0 128M PC-266 Pass SAMSUNG K4H280838B-TCB0 256M PC-266 Pass SAMSUNG K4H560838C-TCB0 256M PC-266 Pass SAMSUNG K4H560838C-TCB3 256M PC-333 Pass SAMSUNG K4H560838C-TCB3 512M PC-333 Pass SAMSUNG K4H560838D-TCB3 512M PC-333 Pass SAMSUNG K4H560838D-TCC4 256M PC-400 Pass.

Huffman tables are no longer omitted by MJPG encoder to improve compatibility with applications using limited MJPG decoders (E.
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